Spiritual Direction for Christian Women

Life can be hard. But you don't have to go through it alone. Here, you'll find the gentle support you crave as you process your hurt, grief, and trauma together with God.

Hey, sweet sister.


It's clear in the way you jump to help them when they are hurting or in trouble. Your heart breaks with theirs, and you want to do everything you can to let them know they are not alone.

But you are also carrying some hurt, my friend.

And sometimes that prevents you from showing up to love others in the way that you want to.

I want you to know I see you.

And God does, too.

Hi, I'm Kari.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about coming alongside those who are hurting, it’s this:

I don’t have much encouragement to offer to others if I haven't allowed Jesus to bring some healing to the broken pieces in my own heart.

Perhaps you’ve see it in your own life:

>> A shorter frustration fuse so that even the “little things” bother you more than they should.

>> A lack of empathy that your daughter just stubbed her toe and is in a great deal of pain.

>> A gradual grumpiness that seeps into your interactions with your family.

How do we care for others when we’re coming from a place like that?

My friend, I invite you to carry YOUR hurt, frustration, and grief to God so you can love OTHERS who are hurting, too.

Image of the book, Courageous Care: Helping Others Even When You're Afraid

You’ve let fear and uncertainty paralyze you into not reaching out to your hurting friend, and you’re TIRED of it. Tired of living with regret each time you ignore a nudge from God to call someone. Tired of feeling ill-equipped to care for a friend who is struggling. Tired of thinking you never have enough time to help others the way you want to.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine getting *that* phone call from a friend and knowing exactly what you can do to comfort her and care for her during her season of grief. Imagine curling up in God’s presence and letting Him guide you in how and when to reach out. Imagine having the support you need so your friend can have the care she needs.

Learn to C.A.R.E. Because you already care. Let’s learn how to do it in a healthy, God-honoring way.